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Animal Computer Interaction research

At the FutureLab research team of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), my thesis supervisor and I are working on the Animal Computer Interaction field by developing suitable and engaging playful digital experiences for animals. We are part of the Software Engineering and Information Systems (ISSI) research group, at the Department of Information Systems and Computation (DSIC).

Patricia Pons profile picPatricia Pons MSc (2013, Universitat Politècnica de València – UPV) is currently a PhD student at the UPV. She received a degree in Computer Science (2012) obtaining the Best Student Award in Computer Science at UPV in 2012. She also received a MSc in Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems (2013) at the same university. She has been granted a research fellowship from the Spanish Government to work with the FutureLab team at the ISSI research group. Her current research interests include multimodal technology for animal use and the development of interactive digital games for animals.

javier jaen

Javier Jaén (FutureLab Head), PhD (2006, Universitat Politécnica de Valencia – UPV), MSc (1998, Virginia Tech), DEA (1994, INSA de Lyon) is currently an associate professor with the Laboratory of Advanced Information Systems at the DSIC. His current research interests include ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence and tabletop-based computing. He was recipient of a Fulbright scholarship and is a member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon International Honor Society for Computing and Information Disciplines. Dr. Jaen was the winner of the Best PhD Dissertation in Computer Science Award and the UPV Social Council’s Award, and won the eMobility Award in 2003.

FutureLab contact

If you want to know more about our work at FutureLab, please contact Dr. Jaen: fjaen@upv.es