1st International Congress on Animal Computer Interaction

We had the great opportunity to attend the 1st International Congress on Animal Human Computer Interaction, held in Madeira (Portugal) as part of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment (Nov 11-16th, 2014). The congress was really interesting and an exciting opportunity to meet people interested in the area, as well as renowned researchers in the field such as Clara Mancini, Adrian David Cheok or Oskar Juhlin, among others. I presented our work entitled Animal Ludens: Building Intelligent Playful Environments for Animals were we envisioned the idea of creating multimodal and multidevice environments capable of adapting the playful activity to the animals’ personality traits and characteristics. In this work, we analyzed the different dimensions that should be considered when developing these kind of scenarios, such as number of players, human intervention and presence, as well as the suitable stimuli to attract the interest of the target animal species.

For more information on our work, contact us! And if you want to know more about the works presented at the conference, check the following links:

And here are some pictures of the conference, our presentation and the panel discussion that took place after the talks 🙂